About us

The story of Expirify.

Dean and Simon run a thriving web development company, and every now and then as part of setting up a new customer’s website they’ll lend a hand getting their website domain and SSL certificates set-up. All just part of the service.

However, because the customer hasn’t been directly involved in setting up their SSL certificate or domain, and these things expire. It was often the case that a year later the customer wouldn’t remember to renew their SSL certificate and as a result their site would receive the dreaded “This site isn’t trusted” error message.


To combat this they created Expirify as an internal tool in order to keep track of customer domains and SSL certificates. More importantly, it ensured that more than one member of the team would receive crucial notifications when domains and SSL certificates were about to expire.


Given how useful we’ve found the tool we decided to make Expirify public so that other web design and development companies could take advantage of it. We also love building new products, so any excuse to do that was warmly welcomed!


We’ll continue to tweak and enhance Expirify, and look forward to hearing from our web based peers to understand if there’s any other value the app can provide!