Welcome to expirify.com

Hey, thanks for checking out a little side project my team and I at Atlas – Clever Software have spent a few creating.

Like most of the ideas we have, Expirify was born from a pain we had experienced in our day job building web and mobile apps for customers. More than once customers who we had initially helped set up their SSL certificates would get in touch at some point a year or two later and ask why their website was down. Their website wasn’t down, but their SSL certificate had expired despite our handing off the management of their site to them. You’ve probably seen this error at least once on your Internet travels:

SSL Certificate Expired Error

Not renewing SSL certificates, and sometimes domains, is a basic error that companies large and small can make. So, we decided to see if we could fix the problem with Expirify.

SSL and domain renewal notifications are usually only received by the person who originally ordered them. This is less than ideal, as that person might miss the e-mail, or could have left the organisation!  This means there’s a chance the SSL certificate or domain won’t be renewed.

Expirify avoids this issue by allowing compnaies to enter a number of domain names, and then set up as many contacts as they wish, and send e-mails to those people ahead of the expiry dates as desired.

We use Expirify ourselves for the various websites we operate. If other people find Expirify useful we’ll continue to develop it. Feel free to send us your thoughts and feedback to [email protected].




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